By purchasing any Poshy VA package, the purchaser agrees to allow PoshyVA to access their account and perform shares on their behalf. The purchaser assumes responsibility for providing access to their account using the provided password. PoshyVA is not responsible for any delays or disruptions in order completion due to revoked access, account status changes (blocks/bans/etc), Poshmark service interruptions, or other factors out of our control.


All PoshyVA subscription packages offer a 14-day risk-free trial to new customers. The trial period is 14 consecutive days from your first purchase, and may not be paused and reinstated if the subscription plan is canceled. You may, however, change your subscription to a different package or a different payment option within the trial period. Changing the subscription does not reset or alter the trial period in any way.

If a new subscriber cancels within 14 days of purchase, PoshyVA will issue a full refund.

After 14 days, no refunds will be issued. PoshyVA will not issue full or partial refunds for canceled subscriptions. All subscriptions are recurring and will automatically renew after the end of each paid subscription period.

Upon cancellation of a subscription, PoshyVA will fulfill any remainder of the subscription period. If you wish for us to stop sharing immediately, please contact us after you cancel your subscription.


PoshyVA makes no guarantee that using our virtual assistant service will increase the sales or performance of your Poshmark account by any specific amount. We are not responsible for any other factors that may affect the performance of your Poshmark business, such as your inventory characteristics (brand, quality, etc), the number of items you have for sale, listing content, etc. We are not responsible for any operations of your Poshmark business (sales, shipping, merchandising, etc).


PoshyVA reserves the right to terminate your service for any reason. Accounts terminated for misuse of our services are not eligible for refund. Accounts terminated by PoshyVA for other reasons may be eligible for partial refund at our discretion.


PoshyVA is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Poshmark, Inc.

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