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Our virtual sharing assistants can give you the time and traffic you need to take your Poshmark business to the next level and make more consistent sales.

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We take security very seriously at PoshyVA. We share a strong, unique password to access your account. We also have proprietary high-tech monitoring on every VA device to ensure your account is never misued.


Our management team, customer service team, and of course our expert Poshmark virtual assistants are based here in the USA.

For Sellers By Sellers

The folks behind PoshyVA are long-time Poshmark sellers, so we get it! We designed our service using our learnings to help you save time and make more sales!

Testimonialswhat our customers love about us

I increased my sales just by using the monthly package and so much so that I signed up for the new monthly subscription to continue every month! Not only did it increase my sales but traffic to my closet, likes, and shares were also a plus of using Poshy VA.
It was just super easy overall and watching the newsfeed show responses while I was busy working or sleeping was such a payoff! I noticed an uptick in activity and sales within the first week! They shared, I listed new inventory, simple as that. With our powers combined I got to really see my business grow even though I wasn't able to dedicate any more time to it.

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Growing Your Poshmark Business?

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Growing your Poshmark business can be a full-time job, even for part-time sellers. Sharing is one of the cornerstones of growing your Poshmark business, and doing it right can take hours each day. PoshyVA helps you spend that valuable time sourcing, listing, and shipping. Focus on growing, We'll handle the shares.

High-Volume Seller?

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The Power Sellers' Partner

Poshmark power sellers with over 600 active listings turn to PoshyVA for reliable sharing of their closets. With up to 6000 shares/day our packages can give even the largest closets lots of traffic throughout the entire day. High-volume sellers can focus on managing inventory and sales. We handle the shares.


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