3 Poshmark Virtual Assistant Myths Debunked

If you’re thinking about hiring a Poshmark virtual assistant, chances are you’re doing your research on the different services out there. Our experts here at PoshyVA are here to clear up some of the common misconceptions about virtual assistant services.

There are a few myths about Poshmark virtual assistants
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“Poshmark Virtual Assistants Use Bots”

One assumption you might see about Poshmark virtual assistants is that they have to use bots to do shares. We can’t speak for every virtual assistant, but this certainly isn’t a universal truth. The reality is that even the most popular bots are unreliable over the long term and require constant oversight and technical knowledge to operate. This simply isn’t a practical solution for our and many other virtual assistant services. At PoshyVA, we prefer to lean on our experience as Poshmark sellers. We train our virtual assistants with that experience to deliver great results to our customers.

“The Pricing Doesn’t Make Sense”

Another criticism you may come across while researching your Poshmark virtual assistant is that the economics just don’t make sense. These criticisms are often short-sighted and don’t take everything into account. For example, newer VA services may be using promotional pricing and are willing to take a small loss upfront to earn long-term business. Individual VAs and smaller teams may be doing VA work as a supplement to their Poshmark business or other income. Thus, they may charge less for VA services. These are just a few examples of why simply breaking down a VA package’s price to an hourly rate doesn’t always tell the whole story. For PoshyVA we’ve worked out a subscription-based model that works best for us and our customers.

“Poshmark Virtual Assistants Are Using Cheap Offshore Labor”

Finally, a question that often comes up when evaluating different VA services is about who is actually doing your shares. Again, there’s no universal truth here. However, we think this is something your VA should be transparent about. It’s not uncommon for a VA service to have established relationships with gig workers from services like Fiverr, and many such workers don’t live in the US. There are also so-called “digital nomads” who do this type of work as they travel the world. You can let your VA know your preferences and comfort level before you sign up. At PoshyVA, our Poshmark virtual assistant team is US-based because we find it easier to communicate that way.

Still Have Questions?

We know that choosing a Poshmark virtual assistant for your business is a big decision. We write blogs like this one to help you figure it out. If you still have questions, you can check out our FAQ or contact us. We’re happy to help.

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