There’s No Mystery to Making a Living on Poshmark

Whether you are new to the PoshyVA Poshmark virtual assistant or you have been using it for quite a while, your success as a reseller is entirely up to you. There is no mystery to making a living on Poshmark; a lot of people do it. Just know that building a successful business takes time and effort. No one succeeds overnight.

Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs had to work their butts off for decades to become independently wealthy. Even those just hoping to turn a small, part-time business into a full-time operation put a lot of time into it.

We are not trying to discourage you. It is not said to encourage you to forget all of those Poshmark tips you’ve read in the past. It is simply to remind you that there is no mystery here. Your success on Poshmark relies almost entirely on your willingness to build a business according to tried-and-true principles. PoshyVA is here to help you.

Learn to Be Social

If you are not a naturally social person, you may find Poshmark challenging. It is a very social platform requiring sellers to interact with customers. And guess what? There is a point to that. Remember what Poshmark is all about: selling new and used clothing and accessories at reasonable prices.

Clothing is a very personal thing. Your relationships with customers should reflect that. If you can learn to be social on the Poshmark platform, you can learn exactly what your customers want at any given time. You can also learn what they are willing to pay for what they want.

Become a Serial Shopper

If you want to make a living on Poshmark, you have to be able to source clothing and accessories at prices cheap enough to still be able to turn a profit. That is not necessarily easy to do. But there is a way: become a serial shopper yourself. Look for discount clothing and accessories wherever you can find them. Here are two suggestions:

  • Thrift Stores – Local thrift stores offer a plethora of great items. Just don’t settle for anything you find. Be choosy about the brands you invest in. Be particular about the quality of the clothing as well.
  • Clearance Sales – Every big-time retailer in your local area runs clearance sales from time to time. The first week or two right after Christmas is pretty big. You’ll also find clearance sales near the end of every selling season.

There are other sources we don’t have the space to discuss here. The point is this: the better you are at finding discounted clothing in your local area, the more inventory you will have to place on Poshmark. Regardless of the inventory you have, PoshyVA can help you with all your sharing needs.

Invest In Learning

PoshyVA exists because Poshmark is a competitive platform. Stiff competition dictates that you invest in learning if you really want your online store to become a full-time business.

You’ll want to learn how to write great titles. You might want to learn how to write captivating descriptions and take equally captivating pictures. You will need a bit of experience to learn how to price your products competitively. If you’re willing to put in a little time to learn what it takes to sell on Poshmark, you can do very well.

There is no mystery to making a living on Poshmark. The same tried-and-true principles that have powered businesses for hundreds of years can make yours a full-time proposition.

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