Poshmark Sharing The Right Way

How do you market and sell on Poshmark? By sharing. To the extent you invest effort in Poshmark sharing, you will expose more people to your closet. And the more people you have looking, the greater the chances you’ll find someone interested in buying. It’s a numbers game, as they say. In this post, we’ll share some of our best tips for getting sharing right.

Share Throughout the Day, Every Day

New Poshmark sellers often take some time to learn this, but you should be sharing every day. That includes weekends and holidays unless you’re away and unable to ship items that might sell. Sharing is your primary marketing tool on Poshmark.

Equally as important is sharing throughout the day. It’s highly encouraged to share your closet multiple times throughout the day. And since Poshmark never “closes”, ideally your sharing schedule will be inclusive of all the time zones in your country. While East Coast sellers are laying down for bed, West Coast shoppers are having the biggest Posh Party of the day!

Share Your Entire Closet

You’ve likely heard of the “death pile” – the pile of items some Poshers build-up that hasn’t been listed on Poshmark yet. Well, some sellers create a virtual “death pile” in their Poshmark closets by not sharing their entire closet. When you don’t share an item, it not only sits at the bottom of your closet but at the bottom of searches and feeds. That means your item is very unlikely to be seen by shoppers, and therefore unlikely to sell.

Share Other Poshers’ Listings

We can’t stress this one enough. There are two types of shares on Poshmark: self-shares and community shares. Self-shares occur when you share your own listings, and community shares involve sharing other sellers’ listings with your followers.

Community shares aren’t just about being a good citizen of the community, though. They are one of the best tools in your marketing arsenal because of the powerful network effect they have. Simply put, community shares can expose your closet to an entirely new group of shoppers. If you want to know more about the power of community shares, we wrote an entire post about it here.

Use Virtual Assistants To Save Time

If all this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. Marketing for any business is a significant investment, and Poshmark is no different. That’s why so many sellers turn to Poshmark Virtual Assistants like PoshyVA. We create a sharing strategy and perform all of the shares for you on a schedule every day, with no risk of you ending up in the dreaded “share jail.” 

Rather than having to sit behind your computer or stare at your phone sharing your closet, you can be out shopping for new inventory. Rather than waiting for the party schedule at the beginning of each day, you can pay attention to other things, such as listing new inventory to grow your closet.

If you are interested in what PoshyVA can do for you, we encourage you to sign up for our 14-day trial offer. Sign up as a new subscriber and try our service risk-free for two weeks. If you’re not satisfied during that time, simply request a refund and cancel your account. No questions asked.

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