Community Shares on Poshmark: What You’re Missing Out On

When building a sharing strategy with our customers, we get asked often about community shares on Poshmark. Read on to find out what they are, and why they are a critical part of your daily sharing strategy.

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What Are Community Shares?

A community share on Poshmark is when you share items from other Poshmark users. It’s how you show Posh love! But did you know it’s also the most powerful marketing tool on Poshmark?

How to do Community Shares on Poshmark

Community sharing is very similar to sharing your own closet. When you see items you love, tap the share icon, and select who you want to share to. Usually, you’ll share to your followers on Poshmark or perhaps to your social media accounts. If there is an active party and the item you’re sharing fits the theme of that party, you can share the item to the party. The best way to rack up lots of community shares is by sharing lots of items at once. It’s more efficient to open a closet you love and share 4 or 5 items quickly than it is to share random items one-by-one.

Why You Need Community Shares

Community shares are a critical part of a good sharing strategy. Aside from making you a good member of the Poshmark community, there are two important benefits of community shares.


Your own follower count is effectively your core group of potential customers. When you share someone else’s items, there’s a high potential for them to follow you back. This adds to your potential customers and also to your network, which is important for share-backs.


When you share your own items, you’re mainly sharing those items with your own followers. Even if you’ve amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, that’s still a relatively small audience compared to the total number of Poshmark users. Community shares prove to be a reliable catalyst for the network effect that helps you reach more customers. In the same way that someone whose items you shared could follow you, they could also share your items in return. Poshmark has done a great job of building a sense of community and a social engine that reinforces this behavior. Our customers and our virtual assistants overwhelmingly report that sharing one item from one person’s closet frequently causes that person to share-back 1-5 items from your own closet. Mind you, they are sharing your items with their followers, which is the network effect in action. Because you shared someone’s item(s), your items have now potentially reached thousands of new customers who could like, share, follow, or buy.

How Many Community Shares Should You Do?

Another question you might be asking is “what is the right number of community shares?” This depends on other factors like your closet size and follower count but generally, we recommend 25-50% of your daily shares be community shares. For some larger closets with lots of followers, we sometimes recommend more than half of the daily shares be dedicated to community shares. Making sales is about reaching customers and as we pointed out the network effect is a reliable tool for doing just that.

Try It Out!

Are you ready to increase your followers, your network, and your sales by doing community shares on Poshmark? How will you mix in community shares with your existing sharing strategy? We’d love to hear from you in the comments, or on Facebook or Instagram.

Of course, if you’re looking for reliable help with your daily Poshmark sharing, check out one of our virtual sharing assistant subscriptions. We can help supplement your existing sharing strategy, or completely take over your day-to-day sharing activities. Whether you’re looking to take your Poshmark business to the next level, or you’re already a Posh power-seller – we have the right package for you.

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