3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Poshmark Followers

As you’re looking to grow your Poshmark business, you might be tempted to buy Poshmark followers to give your closet a boost. In this blog, our Poshmark sharing experts break down three reasons why that’s a bad idea for your business.

It's a bad idea to buy Poshmark followers

Followers Don’t Equal Clout

Poshmark is a social marketplace, not quite a social network. Therefore, the dynamic of “social proof” work differently on Poshmark. On a social network like Instagram, having lots of followers acts as a sort of proof that your content is worth looking at. In a social marketplace, people are paying less attention to your social stats and more attention to your marketplace stats: customer service, listings, sales, etc. It’s better to focus your resources on improving those aspects of your business than to buy Poshmark followers and waste money.

Fake Followers Are Fake Customers

As with nearly all follower-buying schemes, the followers you buy will most likely all be fake accounts. On Poshmark, one of your main channels for sales is sharing directly to your followers. If you buy Poshmark followers, it’s likely that those follower accounts won’t have real potential customers behind them. Therefore, your shares will not be nearly as effective at translating to sales. Paying money to miss out on sales? No thanks!

Where’s the Posh Love?

One of the best things about selling on Poshmark is the community. Aside from being potential customers, genuine followers can like, comment, and share your items. Poshmark calls those actions “Posh Love“, and for good reason. Likes can prove and increase demand for an item. Comments help you engage with customers about an item. Shares of your items by other users (“re-shares“) promotes those items to a new group of potential customers that you didn’t have access to. You don’t get Posh Love from empty followers.

You Don’t Need to Buy Poshmark Followers

As you can see there’s some key reasons why buying followers is bad for your business. We’ve got one more: building a network of real followers on Poshmark is actually very simple. All you have to do is share. Share your own items to your existing followers and to parties, and share other users’ items the same way. Having a closet with lots of good listings will also help attract more followers. That’s why PoshyVA’s virtual assistant subscriptions are designed to handle the sharing while you grow your closet. Working together, you’ll see more followers and more sales as well!

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