What is a Poshmark Virtual Assistant?

Let’s start by understanding what a virtual assistant (VA) is. A virtual assistant is very similar to a personal assistant. They are a people who help you do tasks for your personal life, your business, or both. Virtual assistants are assistants who are not physically present with you. They can perform tasks from anywhere in the world, usually over the internet.

Poshmark Virtual Assistants, are VAs who focus specifically on aspects of your Poshmark business. PoshyVA’s virtual sharing assistants specifically help Poshmark seller-stylists with the day-to-day sharing tasks associated with growing their business.

Who is Sharing My Items?

At PoshyVA, all of your shares will be managed by our US-based virtual assistant team. They are trusted, trained, and closely monitored so you can rest assured that your account is safe in our hands.

How does PoshyVA share on my behalf?

We do both shares of items from your closet (“self-shares”) and shares of other Poshmark users’ items (“community shares”). We log-in and share items directly from your Poshmark account. Therefore, we will require access to your Poshmark account. See the next FAQ item for more information about security (spoiler alert: we take it VERY seriously!).

In order to maintain the uniformity and efficiency of our VA team, we will not try to maintain any ordering or sectioning in your closet. Examples include closets with sections for colors (e.g. blue items, red items, etc) or item types (e.g. dresses, skirts, etc.), or closets with specific items at or near the top of the closet. It is our experience that these practices are no longer needed because of the filtering and search capabilities of Poshmark. Please consider if these practices are important to you before purchasing a PoshyVA subscription package.

How secure is PoshyVA?

Security is our top concern. Upon order confirmation, we generate a strong password that we send to you in order for us to access your account. You can revoke PoshyVA access at any time by changing your password, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours if this happens to address any concerns.

Our VAs are vetted thoroughly, monitored carefully using our proprietary software, and we guarantee that your account will not be misused in any way. We guarantee no purchases will be made on your account by us. Finally, we will not interact with your account other than to share items (no comments, settings changes, etc).

Should you ever decide to end your PoshyVA subscription, we factory reset any device we were using for your account.

Will using a virtual assistant hurt my Poshmark account?

Quite the opposite! Using a virtual assistant will allow you to focus on other activities that help your business like sourcing, photography, and listing. Or perhaps you’d like to take some me-time or family time. Either way, your VA will make sure your account is engaged and growing.

Will using PoshyVA’s virtual assistants put my Poshmark account in “share jail”?

No. At PoshyVA, we understand how to pace shares so that your account does not get put in “share jail.” This applies to all of our packages. We will work with you to develop a sharing schedule that works for you and keeps your account in good standing.

What is a Poshmark self-share or closet share?

Self-shares (also called closet shares) are shares of your items to your Poshmark followers. They help keep your closet visible to your followers so that they can discover your for-sale items and purchase or re-share them.

What is a Poshmark community share and why should I do it?

A community share is a share of others’ Poshmark items to your followers. Community shares are very important to the growth of your closet due to the social nature of Poshmark. Community shares will increase your followers, trigger re-shares, and ultimately increase sales. This network effect is why PoshyVA recommends a balanced sharing strategy with both self- and community shares.

Other questions?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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