Virtual Sharing Assistants for Poshmark Sellers

Grow Your Poshmark Business

PoshyVA’s team of virtual sharing assistants make sure your Poshmark account is actively sharing your items and community items for maximum engagement and visibility. We save you hours each day so you can focus on growing your Poshmark business.

We offer a full range of subscription packages to support serious sellers – from growing side-hustlers to high-volume closets with hundreds or thousands of items. 

The Trusted VA for Poshmark Sellers

I increased my sales just by using the monthly package and so much so that I signed up for the new monthly subscription to continue every month! Not only did it increase my sales but traffic to my closet, likes, and shares were also a plus of using Poshy VA.
It was just super easy overall and watching the newsfeed show responses while I was busy working or sleeping was such a payoff! I noticed an uptick in activity and sales within the first week! They shared, I listed new inventory, simple as that. With our powers combined I got to really see my business grow even though I wasn't able to dedicate any more time to it.

Our Virtual Assistant Subscription Packages